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"You can start today, if you like." Tarene replied, skipping over the breakfast question. He had already eaten, but he didn’t want to say so out loud. That would be rude. "You can sit in on Glad’s class, with his apprentices, if you like." The elf continued as he nodded toward the Hall of Elements. "They’re a ways ahead of you, but you could see how a typical class would run." 

"I guess I could do that." she said and looked towards the doors. She put on a smile for him and absentmindedly pulled the cloak around her more, it made her feel slightly safer, though she didn’t know why.

"Will you join me? Or do you have other things to do?" Tili wanted him to be there so she knew that he was safe in her eyesight, but she also slightly didn’t want him to be in case he caught sight of her wrist. Or noticed more of her strange behavior.

He would most definitely say something if he saw it, and she was also surprised he hadn’t said anything about her almost jumping out of her skin. But she was relieved that he seemed to brush it off as her being tired.

"Sure," Tarene shrugged, "I’ll tag along." He’d like to get back in out of the chill, anyway. He may have acclimated to the cold of northern Skyrim from growing up there, but he was still no Nord; he still felt the cold. His only other option was to ask for his cloak back, but that was just bad manners. "Besides, my brother, the teacher?" Tarene laughed as he pushed open the door to the Hall of Elements. "I’ve just got to see this for myself."

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[Azaron - because why not?]

Tili had been swept off her feet and thrown directly into the water.It wasn’t deep, but it was enough to soak her almost completely. “Why did you do that!?” she just about shrieked. “It’s freezing out here!” she was beyond furious.

Tili gasped and loosed her arrow before Azaron swung his sword. “I’m sorry! I should have been watching.” he could have been killed and it would have been her fault. She felt terrible and vowed to stay more alert.

She looked around constantly, searching for any threat. It was hard for her to see in such a dark place, but there was just enough light for her to see the shape of the rooms they went through.

Azaron shrugged off the incident and returned to the hunt as though nothing had happened. His natural Khajiiti ability to see in low light meant that he moved with sure steps, even when the candlelight dwindled to nothing, and the cave became as dark as night.

His footsteps, however, were not silent; each step Azaron took brought with it the clank of his metal boots on rock. In each new room, the necromancers could hear them coming, and had time to summon their ghastly minions to fight.

Tili cringed at their every step, knowing they were too loud. She shrieked when she felt a boney hand on her and swung at it with her bow.

It couldn’t have been a skeleton since the eyes usually glowed blue, so she assumed it was one of the necromancers that hid within the cave.

"Get away!" she yelled and swung again, she didn’t see them but she felt the contact of the hit. A hand yanked her by the hair and to the ground and she saw a slightly glowing hand hover near her face.

The weight of the necromancer was suddenly whipped off as something strong grabbed the back of the man’s robes and bodily flung him across the room. Azaron rose to his feet and pulled a scrap of cloth from his teeth, tossing it aside casually. The Khajiit twisted his head back to look down at Tili, and made a quick, inquisitive growl. He didn’t have time for much more before another necromancer’s undead underling came shuffling out of the darkness, swinging a large battle-axe with muscles it no longer possessed.

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"Azihana! Get down!" Tili screamed. She sprinted towards the child as she saw a man aiming directly for her. It may have hurt her as she shoved her out of the way, but Tili had an overwhelming feeling to protect her at all costs. She felt a sting in her gut and staggered to the side before falling over. She hoped the others would take care of the attacker, because she was starting to black out.

"Heh. The Great Mage Caper," The sellsword joked with a grin. "Get Fiiraldo to remove his mask. There’s a story for the bards." Tarene laughed out loud. It would certainly be a challenge….hmm. Maybe he could try and get Azaron in on this? The Khajiit was not known for being subtle, but he was known for being persistent.

Tili laughed with him. She was slightly afraid that he was serious and he would surely think it was odd if she refused to help unmask the stranger.

"Maybe he has a scary face." she suggested, trying to make him slightly not want to see. She was scared for him to find out, she didn’t want to open old wounds and stir up the deep sadness that had to be there.

She tried not to show her concern on her features, but it always proved difficult for her to hide her emotions. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked again.

"I’m fine…really." Tarene gave Tili a softer smile. To be perfectly honest, he had been sitting up to late to silently reminisce about his father, who had been the strongest mage Tarene had ever known; Fiiraldo’s chosen school of Restoration was the same as Heceri’s, so it wasn’t hard to draw that similarity. However, the sellsword wasn’t going to admit to this; he wasn’t nearly as composed as he’d like to be when talking about his lost family.

"I guess I just spent a little too much time thinking about this silly thing." He shook his head and looked back down at the table. "I didn’t realize how late it was getting, actually." He muttered. "We should probably both get back to bed."

Orlando throwing away a head and Lee chasing it behind the scenes aka I can’t handle this cast 

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questions about your character.

- What does ‘love’ mean to them?
- What are they afraid of?
- What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?
- What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)
- Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?
- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep?
- Something that/Someone who makes them happy.
- If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?
- Are they musically inclined?
- What kind of music do they enjoy?
- How do they react to praise?
- How do they handle rejection?
- Do they prefer sour or sweet treats?
-  Favorite season and why?
- Do they have an idol or someone they look up to?
- Do they have a love interest?
- Who is someone they just cannot stand?
- Do they value loyalty?
- Do they trust easily?

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Bilbo wrote that song. I would image in the new headcanon that he wrote it when he was in the BOFA. Thanks Anon.