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((Updated two of the three verses, and the Verses page in general. I’ll try to finish up tomorrow, but check it out, if you get the chance, and give me some feedback.

I’m off to bed in the hopes of not dying during my five hour shift tomorrow.))

((How do you find a face claim for someone who’s covered in armor 96% of the time))

((I’m really sorry, guys, but I haven’t made any headway on my drafts tonight. I’ve got everything drafted and ready to go, but I just can’t seem to focus….I am feeling slightly better after some good ol’ chicken noodle soup, though, so let’s see if we can fight off this cold thing overnight.

Otherwise, tomorrow’s going to be a very long day…T_T

I’ll do what I can tonight, and then pick back up after work tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.))

Anonymous asked
Dad, why aren't I fuzzy like you? Is there something wrong with me?

"There is nothing wrong." Azaron reached down to ruffle the little one’s hair. "You are simply little. You will be furry, too, when you grow older."



Realistic Historical Sword Fighting

Shoutout to the fuckwits who think longswords were all about random hacking and slashing.